Membership Benifit

Type of Membership Silver Gold Diamond
Membership Period Monthly Annual Lifetime
Membership Fees 100/- Per Month 1200/- Annual 10,000/- Once


Benifits Silver Gold Diamond
Free Medical Consultation (OPD) 30 days 365 days lifetime
Medical Consultation IPD (@500/day) NA 20% 50%
24 Hours Medical Emergency Management With ICU Assured Assured Priority
Discount on Oral Medicines NA 10% on MRP 15% on MRP
Discount on CT Scan/ECG NA 10% 20%
Discount on TMT/2D-Echo/MRI NA 10% 20%
Discount on Pathological Investigations NA 15% 20%
Sample Colection from Home NA At 100/- Charge Assured + No Charge
Medicines delivery at Home Free Free Free
Ambulance Service in Emergency Assured 50% discount FREE
Ambulance Service (Min fare 700/-) Assured 20% discount 40% discount
Doctor Visit at Home Assured 20% discount 50% discount
Discount on surgical procedures NA 10 % 20%
Discount on Cataract surgery NA 10% 20%
Discount on dental procedures NA 10% 20%
Hospitalization Facility Assured Assured Proirity
Discount on Hospitalization Facility NA 10% on user Charge 20% on user Charghe
Medical Camps Information and Facility Assured Assured Assured
Life saving Vaccination & Injectables Assured Asssured Priority
Information based Seminar & Workshop Assured Assured Assured
Specilist Screening on Request Assured Assured Assured
Free Entry to Aastha Health Resort, Chinhut NA For 1 Person For 2 Person
Discount in Membership of Aastha Health Resort NA 10% 20%
24 Hrs Access to Free Medical; Helpline (9336-285050) NA Assured Priority
Pediatric Consultation for Grand Children NA RS. 150/- Visit RS. 100/- Visit
Gynecologist Consultation (for Daughter-In-law and Ladies) NA RS. 150 per visit RS. 100 per visit
Free Membership of old age helpline 18001801415 NA NA Yes
Internet, Facebook, Email Awareness (Connect with children) NA RS. 1000/- FREE
Nursing Care at Home Assured Assured Priority